Ability Scores

One of the most important aspects of a character, which will ultimately determine their effectiveness to function in the world, is their ability scores. These numbers are representative of a character’s innate abilities, and are listed below:


This stat is representative of the raw physical power a character can generate. It affects hit chance for melee weapons, damage for melee and thrown weapons, and the Climb and Swim skills.


This stat is representative of how quick and flexible a character is. It affects hit chance with ranged weapons, armor bonus (dodge ability), and the Acrobatics, Escape Artist, and Fly skills. Note: the fly skill only means how well a character can maneuver while in midair. It does not give them the power to fly.


This stat is representative of a character’s ‘intestinal fortitude,’ the ability to resist bodily change. It affects resistance to diseases/poison, resistance to becoming sickened, and amount of health (HP) a character has.


This stat is representative of how much raw knowledge a character knows and their capacity for logical reasoning. Usually this information has been gleaned from books or stories heard. Having this knowledge, however, does not mean that a high INT character can act upon it. For example: you might know that a particular creature is poisonous, but you wouldn’t necessarily have the practical skill to extract its poisonous glands. It affects how many languages your character can know, and all of the Knowledge skill checks.


This stat is representative of a character’s willpower, common sense, and awareness. It is the practical application of knowledge (knowing how to remove poison glands from a toxic animal) and capacity for empathy. It affects one’s ability to resist mind control, reading character emotions, and observational skills.


This stat is representative of a character’s self-confidence and interpersonal skills. It affects many character interaction skills, like diplomacy, bluff, and intimidate.

Ability Scores

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