Gods of the Inner Sea

These gods make up the majorly worshiped deities of the Inner Sea region.

Abadar – God of civilization and law

Asmodeus – Prince of Hell

Calistria – Goddess of lust and revenge

Cayden Cailean – God of freedom and booze

Desna – Goddess of dreams and travel

Erastil – God of hunting and community

Gorum – God of war

Gozreh – God/dess of nature

Iomedae – Goddess of justice and glory

Irori – God of knowledge and self-perfection

Lamashtu – Mother of all monsters

Nethys – God of magic

Norgober – God of murder and secrets

Pharasma – Goddess of death and prophecy

Rovagug – Consumer of all, destroyer of gods

Sarenrae – Goddess of the sun and healing

Shelyn – Goddess of art and music

Torag – Dwarven god of the forge

Uragathoa – Goddess of gluttony and undeath

Zon-Kuthon – God of pain and darkness


There are, of course, many other deities that exist, from racial gods to lesser known divine figures. Other powerful outsiders can also be worshiped, as long as they are strong enough to grant followers divine spells. Below are a few of the lesser gods of the Inner Sea pantheon:

Achaekek – God of assassins

Besmara – Goddess of pirates and sea monsters

Brigh – Goddess of technology and clockwork

Kurgess – God of sports and competition

Milani – Goddess of hope and revolution

Sivanah – Goddess of illusion and mystery

Zyphus – God of misfortune and tragedy

Gods of the Inner Sea

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